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Rosha Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Adventure Company based on thamel Kathmandu NEPAL.Our rich culture, historical monuments, great himalayas and Ethinicity is the major attraction for tourists.Our offers ranges from specialized packaged tours to tailor-made holiday trips throughout Nepal,and beyond Nepal Tibet & Bhutan tours with very reasonable and competative prices.Our company's staffs, TOUR LEADERS and our GUIDES are always there fore you with proper guidelines during all this activities. 


With over 12 years experience in providing travel arrangements our professional team are among the industries best and have the know-how on how to deliver travel arrangements at the lowest possible cost without compromising quality.
Booking a holiday is about flexibility and choice. No longer is a holiday restricted to a week or two within the horizon. Our website allows you to search and book all the components that make up a holiday in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.
You can book a traditional package holiday or make a last minute deal with us but unlike some competitor we give you more options, so you can create that perfect trip, whether it's a simple low cost budget tours, high end service tour or the combination of both! We will have some amazing deals and special offers. So now is the time to start.

Being a truly independent low cost brand, we're not owned by a tour operation or travel agency chain, nor do we have a particular airline or hotel brand to support which means you continually get unbiased choice and the best price available. In fact we work hard with you to supply and drive down cost of travel tours within our destination or proposed itineraries, making it available to you.

Rosha Travels & Tours P. Ltd.

Amrit Marg, Jyatha, Thamel Kathmandu, Nepal
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